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xProcess provides “Smart Collaboration” for teams
executing projects and improving processes.

Know your processes
and improve them continually
Know your projects’ status
and impact of change
Know your resources
and optimize usage
Control all artifacts
effectively and transparently

A way to deliver more, sooner, with less!

  Process Engineers:   Project Managers:   Project Participants:
Specify the patterns for typical tasks and documents
Specify familiar terminology for project planning and execution
Define workflow based on events during project and task lifecycles
Use specified process patterns to create project plans
Assign resources to the plan based on the role required to complete the tasks
Manage the impact on the plan as estimates, resources and priorities change
Manage their own real-time project task list
Update task estimates and confirming time as required
Answer gateways prior to closing tasks as defined in the process

xProcess specifically addresses the dynamic nature of project implementation. It integrates process improvement with planning so that the entire organization learns better ways to work. Teams collaborate to manage projects, improve their processes, optimize resource management and maintain project assets in a live environment.

xProcess is a new approach to process improvement and project management. It provides a versioned, integrated and accessible environment that maximizes project agility, improves the processes in the enterprise, optimizes resource management and manages your project’s assets. If your organization is being asked to deliver more…sooner… and with less, xProcess gives your team the agility you need.

'With xProcess I know I am working to today's plan, not yesterdays...'

xProcess is a downloadable, easy to install application with several resources available to get project teams up and running quickly and efficiently. Available in the application or available from the openXprocess.com web site are easy to follow tutorial movies that walk new users through all of the basics of the xProcess environment, including terminology and concepts. In addition to the tutorials, there is an extensive collection of online documentation including a step by step Getting Started guide. Project Managers can take advantage of the supported Microsoft Project import feature and Process Engineers can capture patterns from existing projects to start defining their process.