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openXprocess Services
  • xProcess Support Package: Annual support including online set-up support, telephone and email support, priority feature requests, web server package
  • xProcess Training:
    • Scrum-xProcess: Train your team in the fundamentals of Scrum, the most widely used and flexible of all agile methods. The course also cover how to support Scrum with xProcess, tracking backlog items, target dates, sprint burndowns, team velocity and productivity. 2-day course. (Certification: xProcess Certified Agile Practitioner – Scrum)
    • Scrum-FDD: Feature Driven Development provides rigorous support for modelling and feature prioritisation. This training provides you with the fundamentals of the method along with how to use xProcess for prioritisation, planning, forecasting and monitoring. 2-day course. (Certification: xProcess Certified Agile Practitioner – FDD)
    • Certified Process Engineer: xProcess allows you to define processes so that plans generated match the task, artifact and gateway structure. This course provides the fundamentals of using basic and advanced features of xProcess including: task, folder and artifact patterns; actions/scripts for pattern conformance, reporting, workflow and user actions; workflow definitions; role types; gateways for quality conformance and intermediate steps within trackable tasks; categorisation and folders; review of standard processes. 2 day course, plus guided assignment. (Certification: xProcess Certified Agile Practitioner – FDD)
    • Agile Development with xProcess: Tailored course for your development team’s agile process. Teaches the principles and motivations of agile methods and how to use such processes with xProcess. Modules available for methods such as Scrum, FDD, Agile UP, Iconix, Prince 2, and Web-RAD. (Certification: xProcess Certified Agile Practitioner)