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Resource Management

Assign resources to tasks based on reality not fantasy. Accurate resource assignment based on real availability to your project.

xProcess resources management optimizes project resources by examining all resources available to the project as they change, choosing resources to complete tasks in the shortest time, reporting estimated and actual resource utilization, and automatically adjusting forecasts to changing resources. 

xProcess optimizes resource managment by:

  • examining all resources available to the project as they change
  • choosing resources to complete tasks in the shortest time
  • reporting estimated and actual resource utilization
  • automatically adjusting forecasts based on resources
'I can see what the team is working on and how my work combines in the jigsaw to complete the project.'

Most managers have a long list of project activities that they would like to complete but know they will not have the time or resources to complete all of them by a given deadline. Over the course of a project, the resources allocated to your project will inevitably change.

Process definition sets the stage for process improvement and increases control. Naturally, with a documented process showing how work is being done, you will also be in a position to better manage the resources associated with your processes.
For example, during the course of a software product release cycle, product features, marketing campaign promotions and web site requirements can be listed, prioritized and assigned to corresponding release activities.
Having defined the process in xProcess, you will know the Roles required to perform these tasks. xProcess provides visibility into available resources so you can properly allocate resources to tasks and accurately predict finish dates. Through xProcess Alerts, you will immediately notified if there is a member of your project team that is over allocated on a project. In addition, all estimates respond to subsequent modifications. The result is optimized resource management based on process-defined estimates.