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Project Management

Project management isn't a one person job, so why are you doing all of the work? The entire team should be participating in the management and execution of the project.

xProcess project management maximizes project agility by highlighting impact when estimates, resources and priorities change. All aspects of the plan and its execution are accessible so that tailored processes can be captured and used in live projects. Customizable reports are available on all planning and execution data.

xProcess maximizes project agility by:

  • highlighting impact when estimates, resources and priorities change
  • making all aspects of the plan and its execution accessible
  • providing tailorable reports on all planning and execution data
  • bringing tailered processes into you live projects
'The whole team uses xProcess which means they stay in touch with priority and release planning changes while I stay in touch with their progress and changes when they will deliver their tasks'
- John Andrews, iiPay


With xProcess, your organization will be able to do away with manual tasks, such as

  • calculating the impact of changing resources on your live projects
  • building new plans when you reprioritize tasks in real-time
  • tailoring task specifications individually or based on your process
  • maintaining separate sources for resource and consumable costs

Instead you will be able to:

  • utilize integrated workflow to increase team collaboration and communication
  • bring your own tailored processes into your live projects
  • immediately see the impact of changes to the project
  • specify your own quality checks on any or all tasks
  • visualize your project in easy to read diagrams