Set Task Priorities (12 Steps)


Step 1:
Select the New... button from the the Project Toolbar.
Step 2:
Select the Folder Pattern from the Pattern Selection list.
Step 3:
Enter the Name and Description for this folder (Example: Priority Folder)
Step 4:
The Priority Folder is now ready. Double-click on the Folder to open.
Step 5:
Click on the Edit Membership button to add tasks to the folder
Step 6:
Select the elements on the left side to add to the folder and select the '>' arrow to move to the folder.
Step 7:
Task 1 through 4 are now referenced in the Folder.
Step 8:
Right-click in the grey area of the window and select Prioritize
Step 9:
The Folder is now listed as a Prioritized Folder