Import People (5 Steps)

It is possible to import people into xProcess from data in a CSV file - a list of comma separated variables in a text file.

This is an example of the required format, with a header row and 3 lines of data:

First Name,UserName,Email,Display Name,Last Name,User Id
Jim,Jsample,,Jim Bob,Sample,456
Jack,Jexample,,Jack the lad,Example,345

Step 1:

Click the Import... link in the shortcuts view of the Project Manager or Process Engineer Perspective.
This feature is also available from the menu File | Import.


Step 2:

In the Import wizard, select the People option and click Next.


Step 3:

Browse to a comma-separated values (CSV) file to import. If the csv file has a header in the first row, please select the checkbox. Select the Organization where the people will be created. If there is only one in your Data Source, it is selected for you. Click Next.


Step 4:

Now you tell xProcess how the data in the CSV columns maps to the equivalent properties of xProcess persons. You can map a CSV column to more than one person property. All mappings will be shown immediately in the table below.

Select a csv column from the left table and select the corresponding xProcess person property. Click on the blue arrow button to set this mapping.

If you need to re-do the mapping, click the Revert Mappings button.


Step 5:

The summary page shows the result of the mapping. Data from the mapped columns is shown against its equivalent person property. A checkbox on each row displays if this row will be imported. De-select any record(s) to ignore during import.
Click Finish to perform the import.