Microsoft Project(R) Import/Export (Import - 6 Steps, Export - 5 Steps)

Import Step 1:
Select Import from the File menu
Step 2
Select Microsoft Project File and click Next
Step 3
Click on the Browse button and select a Project file (.mpp)
Step 4:
Adjust the Project name (if needed) and change Import Options (if needed)
Step 5:
To map resources, select a name from the Project list, select a name from the xProcess list and click on the arrow between the lists to map the resources
Step 6:
The project is now available in xProcess (you may need to use the Switch Project function to view the imported project)
Export Step 1:
Select Export from the File menu
Step 2:
Select Microsoft Project File
Step 3:
Please read these notices pertaining to the export xProcess project files
Step 4:
Select the Project to export, select the Folder to place the project in, and enter the File name of the project file
Step 5:
The project will now be available to view in Microsoft Project