Create An Artifact (17 Steps Total)

Step 1:
Right-click on the Process and select New > and then Type of Form, Managed File, Hyperlink, Simple Form or Reference
Step 2
Select Type of Form to create an embedded form in xProcess
Step 3
Enter the name of the form
Step 4:
In the form editor, click on the Add Field button
Step 5:
Enter the Property Name and select the Property Type
Step 6:
Add as many fields as needed for the form
Step 7:
Click on managed File to associate a file from your filesystem to the process
Step 8:
Enter the name of the Managed File and select Browe to locate the file
Step 9:
The file is now part of the process
Step 10:
Click on Hyperlink to add a link to an external site or document
Step 11:
Enter the name of the link and enter the URL in format
Step 12:
The Hyperlink is now part of the process
Step 13:
Click on Simple Form to add a new form based on one of the existing embedded forms
Step 14:
Enter the name of the form and select the form to use as its 'template'
Step 15:
The new form is now available in the process
Step 16:
Click on Reference to add an artifact reference to the process (or task and project)
Step 17:
Enter the Name of the reference and select an Artifact from the Link list