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Artifact Management

Keep track of documents from within your project plan with version control and audit trails.

xProcess artifact management is used to incorporate file-based assets within projects, tightly integrating artifacts with process patterns, and allowing internal and external documents to be managed or linked, resulting in seamless version management on all managed artifacts. 

xProcess manages your project's artifacts by:

  • incorporating file-based artifacts within your live projects
  • tightly integrating artifacts (and their templates) with your process patterns
  • allowing internal and external documents to managed or linked
  • performing seamless version management on all managed artifacts
'With xProcess I know I am working to today's plan, not yesterdays...'

Projects are more than just tasks and resources - they often include documents, spreadsheets, floor plans, images and any number of other files.
Using standard, parameterized templates to generate these assets and then keeping track of these documents is just as important as keeping track of project stages and their status. Equally critical is ensuring all of the required documents are up to date, available and utilized by all your teams throughout their projects.

Benefits of xProcess’ artifact management approach include:

  • immediate sharing and versioning of shared team assets
  • integration with other document management approaches
  • easy generation of document outlines from templates defined by the process
  • quality-checking definitions supported through xProcess’s “gateways”